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Cougar Heart - Blood Brother

From the friends of Cougar Heart. I wanted to create a page to say Thank you for all that you have done . I wish that I was creative enough to design a background that was for you alone, (as it is I had to "lift" the main graphic from your site and use a background that you created, hee, hee)  and eloquent enough with words to express what you mean to all of us, your friends. However, I will have to leave that privilege to my sisters, Evening Rain, Blood Poet and Hair Dark.

So, all I can really add is the Cherokee Prayer Blessing and provide a guest book for all others to leave the words from their heart on what you mean to them. Wa'Do my brother!

Sun Spirit



a-na-s-gv-ti  hi-a u-ga-na-wa nv-ti-tsv-le (of) ga-lv-la-ti
May the warm winds of heaven

a-da-dv-na-s-di wa-ni-ge-i(ly) ga-lv-la-di-na-nah your gal-lso-de.
Blow softly upon your house.

a-na-s-gv-ti hi-a e-qua a-do-nv-do
May the Great Spirit

Bless ni-ga-d ga-go enter ha-hna
Bless all who enter there.

a-na-s-gv-ti your u-la-su-la(s)
May your Mocassins

ga-tlv-s-ka a-li-he-li-s-di u-ta-si-nv-yi
Make happy tracks

in u-tsu-ti u-na-tsi(s)
In many snows,

a-le a-na-s-gv-ti hi-a u-nv-gu-o-la-da
And may the rainbow

ni-go-hi-lv-i a-sv-na-s-di your ga-nv-wo-i
Always touch your shoulder.

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