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 Updated 09/15/2002

I am a registered member of the Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama. My Cherokee Name is "Unelanvhi" Sun Spirit. I update this site on a weekly basis. Welcome and enjoy your visit. 


I have been asked numerous times are you part Indian? My Bloodlines are one quarter Cherokee, one quarter English and one half Irish.  

I grew up in Northeast Alabama. Our land is in the Southwest section of what used to be the ‘Original Cherokee Nation Land’. We lived in a small valley close to the Coosa River, at the foot of  Lookout Mountain, which is the foothills of the Appalachian Range. When the wind blows through the Forrest of pine trees, I ‘hear’ the whispers of the ‘ancients’. The musical ripples of the river carry the laughter of their children.

When I hear the beat of the prayer drums at a Pow-Wow, I feel the response or the ‘heartbeat’ from somewhere deep within me that goes back in time to ‘The People’.   My Indian name “Sun Spirit” was chosen by an elder. He said I have the Spirit of the Sun in my hair, the Spirit of the Forrest in my eyes and the Spirit of the People in my heart. (Cherokees can be very eloquent in their speech).  
So in response to the original question, my answer is; “The bloodlines may determine that you are descended from the Indians. However, the choice must come from deep within. I am not part Indian; 



TRAIL OF TEARS A brief history of the events of the “Nunna daul Tsuny  (Trail Where They Cried)".
TRAIL OF BLOOD A brief history of the atrocities that were committed against the ‘Renegades’ that chose to stay in their lands.

                                    "Wings of Time"
What started out as a new site dedicated to the "Spiritual" side of the Cherokees has grown over the past few months.
It is a site dedicated to the deep commitment and Spiritual side of our people, what they believe in and what lengths they will go do for peace and understanding.
 Please visit the new site for a different experience. Read, reflect and hopefully find Peace.


A brief description of historical events that occurred to the Cherokee  People on a specific date. 

This is an on going project. There are four pages of History of The Cherokee People. I will be adding information on a weekly basis. Please visit often.  



I am discovering some great sites that I will be adding over the next few weeks ! If you have a recommendation for a web page that follows the Theme of honoring the Cherokee People, please e-mail me.  
Any suggestions or comments about this site, or if tribal members would like to see something featured, please E-mail me

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Remember, we are the First Americans! 

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